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Do you need help making sense of the web and putting it all together in a simpler package?

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HybridWeb Services: Web Site Development

The developers of HybridWeb have established a name for themselves in web development by working on hundreds of client projects since 1995. Web site projects include those for corporations around the USA like Disney, SeaWorld, American Access Technologies, Petrocard, and more. We have developed many web sites for the golf industry, the restaurant industry, attorneys, service industries and many professional specialists. With so many clients, it has been easy for our web developers to become skilled at identifying common needs and developing special custom solutions.

See our client portfolio for examples of our past work.

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Web Development Services

Our HybridWeb solutions packages include web site development, SEO/web marketing, social networking media, and virtual world services. All web development projects will be custom quoted. To provide an idea of costs, the typical 8-page web site (with NO managed content, programming or database work) may cost US $1,600 - US $2,000.

  • Design concept development - HybridWeb will gather all corporate identity, branding and marketing materials to design a custom web site design that incorporates a look and feel that is consistent with the company's existing marketing identity. This process of design consists of several stages. The client will be presented with several rough concepts during Stage 1, and from the client feedback, will be able to refine and produce a final, approved web design layout within several stages. With all materials provided by the client and with timely client response, this process can take 1-2 weeks.
  • Web site development - The approved design is converted manually into graphics and html code to create a working web site. HybridWeb develops web pages using the dynamic php platform.
  • Content management - For pages that require regular updating of content (i.e. menus, news releases, etc), HybridWeb can provide several methods of content management. These systems allow the client to log in and make instant live changes to images and text without requiring any skills in web development.
  • Functional programming - Powerful functionality can be created for web sites, using php script and MySQL databases. Programming is always custom-quoted and varies between projects.
  • Database development - Most programming functions require a database to store and access information. HybridWeb provides development of databases in MySQL on its server, and provides access to clients to allow them to back up their own databases.

Contact HybridWeb at this e-mail address or by calling (407) 459-7766 to get a quote for your web development project. Services and prices are listed on our Services Page to give you a general overview, but only after an interview about your project details can we provide an accurate assessment of your needs and pricing for your best solution.

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