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HybridWeb Services: Virtual World (3-D Web) Development

The technology consultant and developers of HybridWeb have established themselves as innovators of the virtual world platforms. By developing a flagship business community known as ViO in the virtual world of Second Life®, our company found itself at the forefront of an emerging technology that was here to stay. As an industry leader, our developers handled projects and virtual world services for notable companies, like Oracle, Saatchi & Saatchi X, Jones Walker and much more. We have trained professionals in many industries how to make use of the immersive workspaces to enrich communications and save money. There is nothing we enjoy more than helping companies connect and collaborate in our virtual business incubator.

All virtual world development projects will be custom quoted. You can have a virtual business office for as little as a $100 setup fee and $8 per month. Your virtual world project can vary in scope. Developing a virtual campus for a university may cost up to tens of thousands of dollars a month, or a secure 3-D web server for the most secure meeting space available for companies may cost a few thousand dollars. Every company has an ideal custom solution, but in the virtual world, every company can minimize their investment risk by starting off small and exploring and evaluating the possibilities before investing in a more comprehensive solution.

See the ViO web site for more information on these services.

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Virtual World (3-D Web) Services

Our HybridWeb solutions packages include web site development, SEO/web marketing, social networking media, and virtual world services. A la carte prices for virtual world development services are listed below.

  • Avatar development - HybridWeb will help you put your best face forward when networking in the virtual world. Your avatar (virtual world representation of yourself) gives people their first impression of you. Our experienced staff will help you express yourself in the manner that best suits you. The last thing you want in the virtual world is to look like an inexperienced and unprofessional "noobie." Prices start at $100.
  • Virtual Office/Meeting Space - ViO Business Park in Second Life provides the ideal business community for your virtual meeting needs. Whether you wish to use your virtual space to attract new business, or to hold private staff meetings, or to conduct interviews, there is an ideal facility for you. The pricing is very affordable, starting at $8 per month.
  • Virtual Events - ViO auditorium has help landmark events in the virtual world, providing presenters from around the world a venue to share ideas and concepts. Universities have taught classes at ViO Auditorium, and it has hosted a medical conference. We can help you take advantage of this forum to establish yourself as a leader in your industry and speak to a captive audience from around the world.
  • Virtual Facilities development - Our ViO business network has the most talented designers, builders, scripters and service providers in the virtual world. They have developed some of the most popular locations in Second Life. If you need to develop a medical center, movie set, or college campus virtually, we are the first place you should look for expertise.
  • Strategic Planning - The expert analysts and consultants in the ViO network have the most experience in helping corporations evaluate their virtual world strategies. Avoid common pitfalls that happen without good research. Let our experts provide the justification your board members require to invest in new technology.

Contact HybridWeb at this e-mail address or by calling (407) 459-7766 to get a quote for your web development project. Services and prices are listed on our Services Page to give you a general overview, but only after an interview about your project details can we provide an accurate assessment of your needs and pricing for your best solution.

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