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Do you need help making sense of the web and putting it all together in a simpler package?

SEO web solutions

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HybridWeb Solutions: Broadcast Media

HybridWeb has developed a proven solution for web managers of broadcast media that combines (hybrid) the best tools on the Internet for web site information and content management, web marketing, search engine optimization and social networking. We reinforce your investment with a toolbox to manage your web presence and marketing campaign, and provide the training necessary to empower your own web marketing manager in-house. We provide affordable options if you don't want an in-house web site management solution. Our solutions for the broadcast media industry are built by Internet development and marketing specialists that have been innovators since 2005. Call (407) 459-7766 to ask us how we can help you capture more of your audience to build a loyal following online for your company.

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The broadcast media web site home/portal page directs people to all of your information and marketing resources.

HybridWeb Solutions for Broadcast Media

Our HybridWeb solutions package includes web site development, SEO/web marketing, social networking media, and virtual world services. These services are developed to work together and complement each other to build web site traffic. The package also provide a significant discount over our a la carte services. This solution provide the following services:

  • Web site - HybridWeb custom-designs a 12-page web site for your company. This is no template. Your web site is html-coded and is optimized for search engines. Value: $2,500
  • Web site content management - HybridWeb will work with you to identify pages that require content that is updateable by the client. These dynamic pages will be set up with a content management login for access to easy-to-use tools. Update your own text, images, and links instantly. Value: $500
  • Search Engine Optimization - HybridWeb will optimize the html code of your web site to make sure your important metatags are in place, as well as external web site files. Important keyphrases and keywords will be analyzed and included. File names will be optimized. Your web site will be registered in the major search engines covering 92% of all English-language searches. Value: $500
  • Web Marketing Toolbox - HybridWeb provides a toolbox to track your web site traffic results and analyze who is linking to your web site. Check how you are ranked in the search engines and keep track of the SEO results. Basic training on how to use your toolbox will be included. Value: $150
  • Web Marketing Campaign Assistant - HybridWeb develops a custom web marketing campaign for you, and provides an online assistant to help you manage your web marketing campaign in-house. Just log in to a secure back-end area of your web site and follow the step-by-step instructions, to grow your web traffic. Value: $1,000
  • Social Network Account Setup and Optimization - HybridWeb will set up and optimize your accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other social networks that may be related to your industry. We will set up groups that may help you capture your listening/viewing audience as a fan base, develop web traffic and initialize your membership in these groups. We will have your accounts join groups that will help you network with potential clients. Hybridweb will set up links to draw social network traffic to your web site. Value: $300
  • Virtual World Avatar development - HybridWeb will help you put your best face forward when networking in the virtual world. Your avatar (virtual world representation of yourself) gives people their first impression of you. Our experienced staff will help you express yourself in the manner that best suits you. The last thing you want in the virtual world is to look like an inexperienced and unprofessional "noobie." Value: $100
  • Virtual Office/Meeting Space - ViO Business Park in Second Life provides the ideal business community for your virtual meeting needs. Stream your audio or video content in a virtual world to grow an international fan base. Whether you wish to use your virtual space to attract new business, or to hold private staff meetings, or to conduct interviews, there is an ideal facility for you. The pricing is affordable, starting at $8 per month. You will be provided a single suite for 12 months as part of the package. Value: $96

Web Site Features:

  • Online Events Calendar - Your staff can events and announcements using an online Calendar that can be made private or publically-viewable. Value: $200
  • Online Staff Calendar - An private online Calendar will be provided for your staff to log in and view. Value: $200
  • Online Photo Gallery - An online photo gallery account will be set up to provide web site visitors access to your event photos. Value: $100
  • Contact Management - Attract people to your fan base by letting thm sign up for prize giveaways. A Constant Contact account can be set up and optimized to capture your web site visitors and give you the ability to send newsletters and e-mail blasts. Value: $200
  • Blog - A blog will be developed to provide your company a venue to share spaontaneuous announcements, events and contests to build a following of fans. The blog will also improve the web site's search engine profile and grow traffic. Value: $200
  • Online Payment Page - AAn online payment page can be created for people to make payments to your company, using debit/credit card via your Paypal account. Value: $200

Total Value: $6,146

YOUR COST: $4,250*

($1,896 in savings)

* Price does not include web site hosting fees or third party services such as Constant Contact or podcast hosting. Final price may vary if client chooses options not included in this package.

Contact HybridWeb at this e-mail address or by calling (407) 459-7766 to get a quote for your web development project. Services and prices are listed on this web page to give you an overview, but only after an interview about your project details can we confirm the pricing for your solutions package.

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The Web Marketing Campaign Assistant is a secure area accessible only by the client.


HybridWeb provides the tools for your in-house manager or staff to capture your media listing/viewing audience into your social networks and contact management database. Growing your online database is one of the most important things you can do for your business. If you require support to grow your contact databases, let us know, so our strategic partner, Virtual Options, can manage it for you. Take this opportunity to let the social networking experts work their magic to grow your fan base.

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